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The Idea to start WNTL supply came about from years of trying different products (some of which I was involved in the conception or design of), some of which i loved, and much of which I hated. Wishing I had a better idea of what I was purchasing for use, before actually buying it. 

In today's tattoo business, many artists are "Sponsored". So its been my opinion that its hard to judge the validity of just how good the products of today are. Would said individual be using the product, and singing it praises if they had to buy it? 

But regardless of my personal feelings on that matter. I've used a lot of crap over the years. If you know me personally, I've never been one to hold back on my feelings, or opinions on any product. I consider quality, longevity, and cost.

So what I've done with WNTL, is create a supply company of products that myself, and many of the fellers at Hope Gallery use on a daily basis. While I admit, we don't carry every single thing needed to run a tattoo studio. What we do carry, are tried, and trusted equipment.

We started with a great line of Pigment, named Easy Glow. Jime' Litwalk and I helped create this line of tattoo pigment, under the guidance of Electric Ink's Paulo Fernando. Its our signature brand, and color palette. Jime' and I have been using these pigments for the past 8 years, and absolutely love them. This is the foundation of my supply company. Like I stated earlier. All the gear in our shop, are products that I back, and use. These are not items, or companies  I am sponsored by. Its all equipment I've purchased, used, and liked enough for me to pass them along to artists that trust my opinion.

I hope to grow this company in the future, and expand what we carry. But I'll be picky as to what I'll bring in, and am willing to sell to my clients.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the site...